Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness is one of the most important human characteristics. It
is not that hard to say a simple ‘thank you’, and yet it can really change the outlook of someone else’s day.

Here are some acts of kindness by me .

  1. As it was my friend’s birthday , so i sent a cake by ordering online. She was very happy with such surprise. Her birthday went so cool!

2. I went to park with my younger sister and cousin as they were eagerly waiting for someone to come with them. They were happy , when came to know that im going with them.

3. I gave some small toys to my cousin which were her favourites and she was always trying to get them but not able to find. When I gave her she was so happy and then we played together with the toys.

4. My cousin lost her favourite earing , but when she went back I found that earing somewhere and now I have put it in a safe place so that whenever she will come again I will give her that earing.

5. Called my friend and asked about her health and other stuffs. She was happy that I called her for just asking about how are you etc. I realized that how a little act can make others smile!




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