It’s an inspiring post. Maybe in future I will join hands with such organisations.

The thing that surprised and encouraged me is the dedication and the devotion that led to the success of this project. Sir Jawad sticked to his work even he faced hurdles and difficulties which led to slow down the process but he was motivated and well aware of his purpose of life.

After learning about his Sir Jawad’s journey, I get an inner strength and motivation that ,

“Where there is a will , there is a way”.

And for achieving the success off course one has to sacrifice something, and it’s obvious. After viewing his struggles, most probably I will always be ready for the circumstances and the sacrifices which will help me reach my destination..

I always wanted to make such changes. I am passionate about having a successful business and then making community better by providing them those things , of which they are in need. I will , in future invest in helping others in variety of ways , like education, employment, health care, better living and helping people to stand on their own.

Well, I admire Sir Jawad. May his efforts become the inspiration for everyone in the world ! Ameen.

His struggles gave me a hint for how can I become successful and achieve my goals.


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