You can, more or less, do whatever you want.

You can be a leader when you keep your surroundings fixed. You start bybyour ownself, improving yourself then your immediate surrounding and then eventually a bigger part of society and then you vpcan influence others and make them happy.

So here is where I will start with my self. I will fix stuff around myself!

a. I came in my own room after coming from university. It is messy as in morning when I was getting ready, I was late and then I was in hurry and just made all this mess

Here is my messed up room😟

b. The things I choose to fix is my whole room. I had to make my bed , put clothes inside my wardrobe, towels in bathroom, pick up all the trash , broom and mop the floor. Also arranging my files in my book shelf and set the curtains and close wardrobe.

Stuff needed to be fixed!

c. All the stuff were not in their right place. They needed to be fixed because bed is for sleeping and not for all these stuff to be put on. File is important so it needed ro be in safe place. clothes to be inside wardrobe.

d. I put everything on their place. The stuff which were to be in their right place were picked by me. Towel in bath room, clothes in wardrobe , bedsheet fixed, trash in dustbin, files in shelf safe area , curtains to be set etc. Here is how i fixed my bedroom.

A clean room.😍

e. I felt so good . It was though somewhat time consuming and effort taking task but it made me satisfied and feel comfortable. When room was untidy then it felt no good. But once I fixed the stuff, it seems to be very calming.

f. Yes , I would have done this task even if not asked to do so. This is because i just feel bad when my room is untidy and everytime this kind of situation arise , I firstly fix my room and then I feel good.

g. This relate to leadership without authority and everyday leadership . This is because you make a start from your ownself and own room and surroundings. Once you are able to fix things and then feel good then you have that anility of leadership and you have now active leadership in your life.




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