Experience of Amal Journey

When I applied for Amal Academy fellowship, I was so curious about its details. They had asked whether I have a laptop or not etc. The one thing that reminds me of 1st two weeks of Amal Academy is my ipad. I used to attend my sessions of fellowship on my ipad. This is because , my laptop was taken by my sister as she was having her thesis work and she used to take my laptop to her university.

So, whenever I see my Ipad, it reminds me of my starting sessions. Also the fun activities that were done in the sessions pops up in my mind and I feel happy reminding those memorable days.

At start I felt very light in the session. Because there was nothing to study like in university,but some activities that makes one engaged. I really liked the way in which the activities are done and the participations by fellows and, the cooperation of my Program Manager and Program Associate.

In the Start I learned my values, which means that what I consider is important to me. This helped me in knowing myself. I was happy with such a great start.

Then later on learned about my ‘Why’. That what I want to to do, what is the purpose of my life and then I wrote why i want that and also deep down write that why I wanted to pursue this why and so on why why why , whats the inner pupose underneath my big goal. This helped me clear my goals and made me enthusiastic to reach them.

Moreover I learned the importance and benefits of team work by applying it in practice. Team work really makes a dream work. My experience of team work was great. I really loved the cooperation while working in teams.

I also learned to come out of the comfort zone and do the tasks given. I made a video on given topic in my project work and that was a new experience for me of makjng video and uploading it to my batch group. This made me laugh everytime when I watch my video as I was having bloopers and after my alot of recordings I was able to select one recording to upload.

All these experiences helped me in self development and growth. I started to be more confident and motivated in every work.

Thanks Amal for all of this.❤️




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