Eating a frog with a Pomorodo

So here I decided to do a task using a pomorodo technique.

Completing my assignment

I set the timer and started completing my university assignment. While I was working , there came many distractions which are the messages and my sibling making noises here and there and also my own thoughts of my future works!.

Challanges and Learning

So , talking about the challenges and learning , here I came to a point that this technique was actually beneficial as I completed my work on time and I was free the rest of the day to enjoy my spare time!

When I started my assignment , at the same instant a message tone just ring and that distracted me at 1st , but I decided not to touch my phone until break atleast. So, after a while there were alot of message ringtone and I just didnot showed patience and opened the messsages. There were some important messages , not some haha, It was just one that deadline is near , and other messages were just random and not that much important. So , I wasted my precious time in this distraction , about 5 minutes. So here I learned one thing that , most of my time is wasted on mobile. So, I decided to make less use of mobile. After that Icontinued to do work and then break time came and I took a short break and I realized that half of my assignment is completed after I didnot see the mobile.

But after that there came noises of my younger siblings amd that made me loose my concentration and I get distracted. So here I took a longer break as I have done the main points of assignment and just last touch and conclusion were not yet completed

Then by time I again started to concentrate and completed my assignment and sent it by mail to the teacher.

I experienced that the distraction make me loose concetration at once and then time got wasted and the work undone.

Now these distractions just make my work late . And therevare lot more distractions in life . In this situtaion of completing my assignment , the challenges that I faced were offcourse these little distractions and so after having such experience I came to know the importance of time and working on time.

Implications for future learning

So here , I learned alot from this technique and now , I have decided to do this technique often .

For my better future and time management , I decided to make a schedule and just be strict to that schedule so that I can complete everyting on time and upto mark. And after that I will spend my time in some of my favorite things rather then first wasting time in leisure and then doing work.

For improvements , try to avoid mobile phone use , especially when doing important work , mobile should not be near us . Moreover we must be very devoted to work . We must schedule our time as time is very important and once time passes , it never comes back.



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